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frog dashboard

Loisos + Ubbelohde has developed a dashboard to display building performance data for a variety of audiences, from the casual occupant to the engaged manager. The resulting dashboard enables users to gain insight, rather than simply receiving information, by offering critical data stream comparisons. Actual performance is compared with typical performance of the given building as well as the likely performance of an industry standard building of a similar size and type. In this way, performance is benchmarked both internally and externally. Data streams are compared to each other through their adjacent display: for instance, comfort can be compared to the energy use of building systems to indicate if systems are operating effectively and efficiently. The dashboard can also reveal components of comfort by showing, for instance, the surface temperatures as well as air temperatures.

aboveGraphical benchmark comparison of actual performance versus typical and standard code-compliant.

aboveThe dashboard interface for Project Frog allowing direct comparison of energy, comfort, light, and weather variables.

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aboveAbove: Display of components of comfort including air and surface temperatures.

aboveTop: Dashboard for Project Frog's Hunter's Point Community Center in San Francisco.