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Retail Projects

dashboard   Building Performance Dashboard
A dashboard to display building performance data for a variety of audiences, from the casual occupant to the enganged manager.
    monitoring   Building Performance Monitoring
Design and installation of custom manufactured components including a weather station and sensor arrays to provide data points to track energy use, system performance, heat distribution, and variables related to occupant comfort.
    vancouver   Stanford Graduate Housing Studios 3 & 4 Palo Alto, CA
Building monitoring, daylighting, and energy analysis for a post-occupancy evaluation. Inexpensive shading device add-ons helped the University save on energy costs and mechanical plant. Study Completed 2001.

Retail Projects  
    residential energy and comfort   Residential Energy and Comfort
A set of data processing and data visualization tools that give designers and builders quick feedback for assessing design alternatives for the high performance home.
      State Insurance Compensation Fund (SCIF), San Francisco, CA
Curtainwall options were analyzed with a suite of simulation tools including energy modeling, daylight modeling and thermal comfort software to evaluating and resolving multiple performance criteria.
      "Daylighting Design: Advanced Window Wall Design in Practice" from Proceedings of the 2002 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, August 2002, p. 3.385-3.400.
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      Thermal Autonomy as Metric and Design Process Vancouver, BC
Thermal Autonomy is a metric and design process that links the occupant comfort to climate, building fabric and building operation by measuring how much of the available ambient energy resources a building can harness rather than how much fuel heating and cooling systems will consume.