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“Crook”, “Cup”, “Bow”, and “Twist” (categories of wood deformation) refer to some of the latent potential energy of natural systems towards movement. The project’s intent was to capture this gestural movement of the surrounding landscape in design, as well as the performance of a building. The outer layers of construction are not part of the building enclosure and thus acts as an exterior shade. The secondary skins of perforated metal roofing and wooden solar panels help to regulate the diurnal and seasonal swings of temperature and solar cycles. Interior comfort levels are maintained by means of natural ventilation in conjunction with a ground-coupled heat pump. Solar energy is used for both production of electricity and hot water. The PV panels and the hot water panels are placed on the south facing roof that is tilted an optimal 14 degrees off the horizontal. All electrical needs of the main building are met on an annual basis. Configuration and controls of the solar hot water system are based on various occupancy modes to optimize energy use of the building. Loisos + Ubbelohde provided consulting on sustainable strategies, energy modeling, thermal comfort modeling and system and control designs for the solar energy systems.

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Schwartz and Architecture
Nicasio Valley, CA
Occupied, 2013

AIASF Honor Award for Unbuilt Design, 2010

Faculty Design Award, Honorable Mention, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, 2010

American Architecture Award, Shortlisted, The Chicago Athenaeum, 2010

Boston Society of Architects Award for Unbuilt Architecture, 2009

Images are courtesy of Schwartz and Architecture.