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The Heising-Simons Foundation is a family foundation awarding grants to advance sustainable solutions in climate and clean energy, enable groundbreaking research in science, enhance the education of children and support human rights. Their office expanded to incorporate more workspace, a small conference room, and a flexible video conference room. This challenging room is fitted with large screens, cameras, adn microphones to facilitate high quality video conference, classes, lectures, and presentations. The lighting and controls concept for this room was to provide different scene for each arrangement of the modular furniture, that reflects a different use.

Integral to the lighting design concept is a customized recessed linear fixture with separate dimming control of the left and right oriented narrow beams.  This allows scenes to be programmed with higher illumination levels at occupant  task areas and lower levels elsewhere.  The lighting designer confirmed with the manufacturer that a simple rewiring of their standard product could achieve the control desired.  Concealed cove fixtures to wash the arched ceiling provided another layer of light and control. 

Board meeting scene. Each lienar fixture has left and right channels. Table is illuminated by left channel of one fixture and right channel of another.


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Hawley Peterson Snyder
Los Altos, CA

Occupied, 2019
IES Illumination Award of Merit 2020

Concept diagram with fixture photometrics

Recessed linear lighting has forty individually programmable channels.