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University of California Veterenary Med 3B

This 44,000 sf design/build student union building houses a café, community kitchen, multi-purpose rooms, offices and workspaces for several student life groups, conference rooms, administrative offices in the core area of campus.

Loisos + Ubbelohde provided daylighting analysis, assisting the Architects with the peer review of the Design Build Team (DBT) documents and the analysis of the daylighting design prepared by the DBT and suggested ways to possibly improve that performance. Daylight conditions in the atrium and a shading analysis for the proposed facade shading devices were studied.

conf_roomPlan showing isolux contours for luminance levels on the second floor.

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BAR Architects
MFDB Architects

Davis, CA
Occupied, 2011

USGBC LEED NC Platinum, 2013

Design Build Institute of America (Western Pacific Region) Merit Award, 2012

Radiance simulation of luminance levels showing surface brightness in the atrium.

Photos courtesy of BAR architects.