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Apple Store 5th Avenue

Apple's Los Angeles flagship store, located in The Grove at Farmer's Market, is a 7000 sf two-story party wall structure that celebrates Apple's high design aesthetic. The store must be bright and dramatic while simultaneously providing a comfortable and effective environment for viewing computer monitors.

Loisos+Ubbelohde consulted on the store's daylighting design and glazing specifications, considering both exterior and interior views, as well as the quantity and quality of interior light conditions. The transparent storefront welcomes views into the "stage set" interior. At night, the store is illuminated by pools of electric lights, providing bountiful visual access through the glass facade. During the daytime, however, abundant exterior light tends to limit the facade's perceived transparency. Addressing this issue, a large rectangular skylight was designed to brighten the interior; a glass staircase climbs directly underneath it, generating a spatial and visual focus while reflecting light and providing sparkle.

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Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Architects

Los Angeles, CA

Occupied, 2002

The skylight and glass stairs provide spatial and visual focus.