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This LEED Silver Certified, four-story, 155,000 sf animation facility provides artist work space for several departments, a small theater (approx. 110 seats), screening rooms, recording studio, game room, café (with kitchen), and computer equipment on four levels. The studio is organized as four concrete frame and masonry shells, unified by a network of daylighted interior streets and common gathering spaces. The exterior brick and exposed concrete frame reflect the brick and concrete warehouses of the historic industrial Emeryville context.

Loisos + Ubbelohde worked with the architects, mechanical engineers and lighting designer to daylight the offices, stairwells and large atrium street.  The design of exterior louver shades on the atrium skylight was fine tuned to balance daylight and thermal loads.  L+U managed the full LEED certification process, from early team meetings through final credit submission. 

pixar Interior view of atrium skylights.

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Allied Works Architecture and
Perkins and Will

Emeryville, CA

Occupied, 2011
USGBC LEED Silver, 2012

Above: Radiance simulation of the atrium and hearth.

Below: False color rendering of luminance levels in atrium.