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Gap Corporate Campus 901 Cherry

This 195,000 sf office complex exceeds California energy code requirements by over 30 percent with high performance construction, a green roof and three daylighted atria for the office clusters. L+U assisted the design team with the daylighting design and performance, using physical models to evaluate illumination levels, visual comfort and patterns of sun penetration under various design scenarios. The indirect lighting is photosensor-controlled to respond to exterior illumination levels. Privacy screens in the open office area are custom-designed with light wood finishes and upper panels of translucent glass to allow better diffusion of daylight throughout the office bay.

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William McDonough + Partners

San Bruno, CA

Occupied, 1997

Business Week/Architectural Record Design Award, 1998

Savings By Design Award, 2000

AIA Washington Chapter, Award of Excellence, 2000

ID Magazine ID Forty, 2001

Green Roofs Award of Excellence 2003

Physical models used to predict and analyze daylight in offices.