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A new digital animation campus in Los Angeles is housed in a former aerospace factory.  The reuse of the 85,000 sf existing high-bay space transformed the industrial and warehouse space into an innovative and creative studio for animators.  Locally sourced materials, such as a local gymnasium floor, as well as the building shell and waffle-slab roof structure are featured in the retrofit.  Loisos + Ubbelohde provided extensive daylight simulations to help inform the most effective structural modifications to daylight the interior and provide visual comfort for the workspaces.  Direct sun is admitted to the atrium space through long skylights while over the workspaces the skylights are designed to admit diffuse daylight.

disneyRadiance simulations of lobby showing illuminance contour lines and false color luminance rendering.

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LEVER Architecture

Glendale, CA

Occupied, 2012

Above: Interior view of daylighted meeting space and atrium.

Photos by Jeremy Bittermann.