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The Intermodal Transit Center will be the largest transit-oriented development in California and will combine three modes of public transportation (train, ferry, and a bus) in one location. It will be easily accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians, particularly via the Bay Trail, which will connect to Pinole and Rodeo. The new urban development around the project will have additional 1,300 homes in the Waterfront as well as commercial, office, and live-work units. The proposed project includes a new passenger train station on the existing Capitol Corridor line, a transit bus terminal, access roadways, completion of a one-mile segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail, and parking facilities. Loisos + Ubbelohde provided energy and comfort modeling, CFD and visual comfort studies, daylighting and natural ventilation, as well as advised the architect on glazing specifications and sizing and specifications of Photovoltaic panels and wind turbine.  

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Team headed by HDR Engineering

Hercules, CA

Under Construction

Above: Glare analysis false color images for the whole year.

Top-left image: Projected plan view by Townworks.

Top-right image: Fisheye plan view HDR rendering of main waiting area.