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Kenilworth Junior High School is a 92,000 sf energy-efficient facility designed to provide an optimal experience for students, teachers and staff. All classrooms and assembly spaces are daylighted and shaded, exterior spaces are landscaped, and occupant comfort is provided with evaporative cooling towers for all large interior spaces. 

Loisos + Ubbelohde provided daylighting, lighting controls, and shading design to ensure visual comfort.  We studied the feasibility of photovoltaics and created a design for on-site electrical generation. Early in the design process we met with the architects and the client for a working design session in the mirror box sky simulator at the University of California, Berkeley.  As a result of this session, skylights were located over the interior zone of the classrooms to illuminate teaching walls and to balance light from windows in the opposite wall. In the design development phase, we used Radiance to provide accurate simulations of clear sky and overcast sky daylighting illumination levels. The Radiance simulations enabled us to develop the design and protocols for electronic lighting controls.  Manually activated electronic louvers provide shade and daylight for the skylights in response to weather conditions and the seasonal position of the sun.  Exterior shading overhangs are provided for windows experiencing direct solar gain.

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Quattrocchi Kwok Architects
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Petaluma, CA

Occupied, 2006

Library interior.