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Gap Corporate Campus 901 Cherry

This 29,000 sf new building for the Montclair Elementary School houses a multipurpose room, teacher lounge, and ten classrooms. The high-performance and low-energy building, serving grades 1 through 5, features naturally ventilated classrooms, a green roof, and rainwater harvesting. Loisos + Ubbelohde joined the team early in the design process to analyze site location and building orientation in order to maximize the use of daylighting and deliver visual comfort. The classrooms face southeast with large operable windows protected from solar gain by calibrated horizontal louvers. Windows to the courtyard on the northwest are high to deeply admit diffuse light. In the second floor classrooms, skylights above the rear wall balance the daylight from the windows. Skylights in the multipurpose room admit daylight for lunch and play periods and are controlled for performance. The building is 100% daylight autonomous during school hours. CHPS certification is expected.


Perspective view and luminance map of upper level classroom in March with clear skies.



Gould Evans

Oakland, CA

Occupied, 2013

Top right and bottom right: isolux contours of daylight levels in interior perspective view and plan perspective view of classroom.


View of exterior with first and second floor overhangs


classroom interior
bulletView of classroom interior


bulletView of upper level exterior walkway

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