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New York Times

The New York Times Building is an iconic 6 million sf, 52 story high rise office tower in mid-town Manhattan. Working with MechoShade, Loisos + Ubbelohde was responsible for shading protocols and controls to recognize site shading from surrounding buildings. The New York Times Headquarters is clad with a highly transparent glass curtain wall and exterior white ceramic pipes. To control sun penetration and provide visual comfort while optimizing energy efficiency, automated diffusing shades are controlled in response to sky conditions, the movement of the sun, shade patterns and brightness. Daylighting and shading deliver measured lighting electrical use at 0.37 watts/sf with high occupant satisfaction.

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Renzo Piano Building Workshop FXCollaborative

New York, NY

Occupied, 2007

AIA Honor Award for Architecture, 2009

AIA NY Chapter Sustainable Design Commercial Honor Award, 2008 

AIA NY State Award of Excellence for Large Projects, 2008 

AIA NY Chapter Merit Award for Architecture, 2008 

Deutsches Architekturmuseum International Highrise Commendation Award, 2008 

New York Municipal Art Society Best New Building Award, 2007

Software predicts when the sun will be on the facade and automated blinds descend in anticipation.