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Apple Store 5th Avenue

Completed in 1999, this 375,000 sf complex houses nearly 1,000 employees in four L-shaped buildings defining a central lawn, with open legs oriented both north-south and east-west. A fifth building includes reception, gymnasium facilities and restaurants. An exterior running track and athletic courtyards are included in the site development, along with parking under the central lawn area. Utilizing a variety of sustainable features, such as ground source heat pumps, roof-collected storm water for flushing toilets and irrigation, natural ventilation, and certified wood, the building is one of the most energy efficient offices of its size in the Netherlands.

The building section is thin (60 feet in the east- and west-oriented offices and 41 feet in the north-and south-facing offices), influenced by the Dutch practice of keeping office workers no more than 18 feet from an operable window. Safety guidelines (ARBO) required, in this case, that daylight apertures equal or exceed 5 percent of the workfloor area and that the width of the apertures providing outdoor views equal 10 percent of the workfloor dimensions. Another consideration in the use of a narrow floor plate is a long-term sustainable building program anticipating future conversion of the office space to residential space.

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William McDonough + Partners

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Occupied, 1999

AIA Washington Chapter, Award of Excellence, 2001

The campus buildings were massed to ensure narrow floorplates that would enable daylighting and views.