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Art Center College of Design, South Campus

The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies houses the Environmental Studies program at Oberlin College in a 13,600 sf facility with an additional 58,000 sf of ecologically managed landscape. Designed as a teaching tool, the complex includes classrooms, offices, an auditorium, a Living Machine for waste water filtration and recycling, as well as an atrium that is used for receptions, workshops and concerts. Building energy consumption is significantly reduced through the integrated design of passive heating, natural ventilation and daylighting, and is supported by 45 kilowatts of photovoltaic panels on the roof. Critical reviews have identified the daylighting and visual quality of the building as a major success. Even with its popularity as a venue for evening events and classes, the Center has been found to consume over 70 percent less light energy than typical education buildings or other buildings on campus.

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William McDonough + Partners

Oberlin, OH

Occupied, 1999

The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award, 1999

AIA Committee on Architecture for Education Honor Award, 1999

Green Building Challenge Award Winner, 2000

Build Ohio Award, 2000

Build America Award, 2001

AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects, 2002

US Department of Energy 30 Milestone Buildings of the 20th Century

Classrooms are evenly daylighted due to the continuous clerestory and light interior finishes.