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This exhibition pavilion for the FOR-SITE Foundation follows the geometry of a triskelion figure based on the three-fold rotational symmetry of reclaimed shipping containers arranged at 120-degree angles around a central skylit atrium. The building can be assembled and disassembled for use for exhibition of site-specific art. The pavilion was originally installed in the Presidio for the Presidio Habitats exhibit. The pavilion is free-standing and not connected to the electrical grid. Designed for minimal impact on the site, the Triskelion uses repurposed materials from the Persidio. Daylighting analysis ensured visually comfortable conditions for gallery viewing and reduced overall electrical loads. 100% daylit during normal operating hours, a photovoltaic array mounted on the roofs of the containers supplies the project’s low-energy off-grid electrical needs. Loisos + Ubbelohde provided daylight design, electrical lighting design, shading design and photovoltaic system design.

Single image showing both the interior entry way and the exterior wall of pavilion


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Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects


Occupied, 2010
AIA California Chapter Merit Award for Architecture, 2010

AIA SF Architecture Citation Award, 2012

Above: Radiance rendering of plan view with isolux contours.

Above: Persepective view of 2 of the 3 conjoining legs that make up the triskelion

Below: Exterior view of pavilion with Golden Gate Bridge

Images courtesy of OPArch