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University of California Veterenary Med 3B

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Building (VM3B) contains laboratories, research office space, academic and administrative offices, and a small animal vivarium to stimulate cross-disciplinary research and collaboration in biomedical field.

Loisos + Ubbelohde provided daylighting glazing and shading consulting, as well as coordination with electric lighting design and mechanical engineering. The building has been developed as a quality workplace with good indoor air quality, ample daylighting, views and natural ventilation. On the north façade, open laboratory suites receive ambient daylight through a combination of diffuse glazing and view glass. On the south façade, light shelves and projecting sunshade elements have been designed for direct sun control and deliver a high quality daylighted workspace. The lightshelves double as radiant panels for heating and cooling. Team collaboration offices facing east and west have the expansive views with projecting sunshades and interior blinds for sun control.

South facing office space.

Exterior view of south elevation.

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Davis, CA
Completed, 2013

UC Berkeley Green Building Center:Best Overall Sustainable Design, 2009

Expected LEED NC Gold

Green Education Design Showcase Green Design Concept Winner, 2008
Top Image: Interior view of lab space facing north.

Sunshades to protect the south facing offices from direct sun penetration.

Three bays in plan showing illuminance levels in north labs and south offices.

Photos by David Wakely.