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This new green corporate campus in Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park is designed of five two-story buildings with interconnected outdoor garden spaces and exterior bridges-walkways and set in a woodland background. The on-site amenities include outdoor courtyard, central plaza, playing field, outdoor dining, fitness center and diverse meeting spaces. The new buildings have numerous sustainable features, including clerestory light monitors for natural daylight, operable windows, energy-efficient lighting and mechanical systems, safe and healthy materials, and landscaped bioswales throughout the site. L+U worked with the architect to organize the overall site plan for orientation and each of the five office buildings were massed around office neighborhoods daylighting with raised daylighting monitors.  Central atria bring daylight into the center of each office building and provide an all-hands-on-deck presentation space.  Floor to ceiling glazing in the offices connect the IT engineers to extensive trees and vegetation outside while bamboo louvered shutters enable personal control of sun and daylight levels.  For the commons building, the large garage doors and upper level glazing for the gym were developed with site shading and exterior louvers.  L+U provided daylight simulations, shading studies and coordination with AV systems to increase the performance across campus.


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William McDonough + Partners
Form 4 Architecture

Palo Alto, CA

Occupied, 2009

Above: Plan view of office space with isolux contours.

Below: False color rendering of luminance in atrium.


Top image courtesy of WilliamMcDonough + Partners.