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This 4,000 sf spiritual retreat on the Stanford campus is designed to inspire personal renewal, providing a refuge from the intensity of daily life and a space for quiet reflection. The center is intended to be calming and technology-free, a response to the increasing stress of student life.There are hidden courtyards and spaces that are not immediately visible, allowing visitors to discover each feature of the  center. The entryway is extended with navigation through tree and bamboo groves to reach the entrance. Once inside, the interior rooms open to the mature oak glade beyond. Skylights carefully illuminate the “Windhover” series of paintings by the late Stanford professor and artist Nathan Oliveira with natural light.  Rammed earth walls, wood surfaces, and water heighten the visitor's sensory experience.  Loisos + Ubbelohde provided luminous programming and analysis to establish the viewing conditions of the paintings similar to Oliviera's studio, daylighting and shading design, climate responsive design analysis, and strategies for sustainable mechanical support systems.


Aidlin Darling

Palo Alto, CA

Stanford Universityline
Radiance image of North Gallery revealing surface brightness.

Radiance image of North Gallery showing illumination levels.

Radiance image of South Gallery revealing surface brightness.



Study for the design of shading louver in skylights. The animation of direct sun through the year indicates areas that require shade that will be provided by motorized louvers.

sun path
Horizon shading images for North, Center and South galleries.


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