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Ratna Ling, the “Jewel Crest”, is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center sited amongst the redwood forests and farmlands of Northern California. At the heart of the complex stands a tall grove of redwoods with a south slope opening to a long view of valleys and ridges.  Between the grove and the view are located the 10,000 sf Healing and Wellness Center and the 5-bed Nyingma Senior Retreat Center. Designed to be zero-energy and zero-water, the two buildings share a field of geothermal wells and a canopy of photovoltaics over the Senior Retreat.

The 4500 sf hospice provides comfort for the occupants with radiant floors coupled with geothermal heating and cooling. The facility includes five residential rooms with south balconies, a western terrace and a gathering hallway in the western wing. Two medical rooms and a reception area occupy the east wing. Under construction September 2008.


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Cazadero, CA

Under construction

Ratna Ling Retreat Center

False color luminance map of north hallway / living room