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Architectural Design

Daylighting, Lighting + Shading Design

Energy Efficiency + Alternative Energy Sources
Glazing Specifications + High Performance Design
Sustainability Consulting + LEED Certification

Architecture should provide a place to live comfortably and with awareness between the earth and sky. Buildings which last over time are those which are generous in spirit and space, critically designed for people's well-being, and made lovingly with quality materials. These environments most easily accommodate change and reuse and, most importantly, hold the affection and continued investment of the community.

Our environmental design and planning work seeks a quadruple bottom-line: one that balances aesthetic, fiscal, social, and environmental sustainability. Our integrated design and construction process is uniquely suited to addressing these goals and producing an architecture in which performance and craft are married to a sensitive reading of client, site, and governmental needs. With experience in building types ranging from houses to office buildings and from spas to museums, our technical expertise and resources allow us an unusual amount of creative freedom to produce unique design solutions that combine the art with the science of building.

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