LOISOS + UBBELOHDE : Architecture . Energy  
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Architectural Design

Daylighting, Lighting + Shading Design

Energy Efficiency + Alternative Energy Sources
Glazing Specifications + High Performance Design
Sustainability Consulting + LEED Certification

Successful lighting and daylighting improves the quality of visual comfort while reducing energy use. Effective shading reduces glare and minimizes solar heat gain without impeding the use of daylight for visual tasks. We use scale physical models and calibrated models with Radiance software to:

  • Predict and evaluate illumination levels and light distribution
  • Predict and analyze luminance gradients and glare potential
  • Specify luminaires, sources and layouts for electrical lighting
  • Coordinate daylighting and electrical lighting design
  • Analyze thermal and energy use implications of daylighting design
  • Design and evaluate sun control and glare control alternatives
  • Analyze site conditions for solar access and shade potential
  • Design and evaluate daylighting and electrical lighting to exhibition and curatorial performance criteria
  • Specify lighting controls
  • Predict energy savings from daylight harvesting
  • Commission lighting and daylighting systems

Project Example