LOISOS + UBBELOHDE : Architecture . Energy  
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Architectural Design

Daylighting, Lighting + Shading Design

energy efficiency
Glazing Specifications + High Performance Design
Sustainability Consulting + LEED Certification

We use a suite of thermal analysis simulation packages (Therm, Window5, DOE2, EnergyPlus, EnergyPro, Fisheye, UCBComfort and others) to:

  • Model annual building energy use at all stages of design process
  • Develop early energy use parametrics to identify energy saving opportunities in design alternatives
  • Develop suites of energy strategies to reconsider conventional approaches to building energy use
  • Assist in value engineering on energy efficiency issues
  • Coordinate architectural, structural and mechanical design teams on thermal and comfort issues
  • Analyze integration of various energy sources with applicable rate structures
  • Develop Life Cycle Cost Analysis of energy efficient alternatives
  • Identify and size appropriate alternative energy sources including photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, fuel cells, public utilities and renewable energy vendors

Project Example