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to produce fundamentally new buildings using the same traditional design process. In order to effect change in our building designs, the project delivery process itself must change… to a collaborative and self-conscious effort to integrate design strategies between all disciplines and all players in the project delivery process.
- Sandra Mendler & William Odell


    design   Architectural Design
Full design services include feasibility studies, construction documents and construction administration services, all executed with an eye to critical sustainability and high performance.
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    daylighting   Daylighting, Shading & Lighting Design
Predictive physical and digital modeling with detailed analysis using field-tested methods optimizes daylighting while ultra-efficient electric lighting design and advanced control systems support efficiency.
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    energy   Energy Modeling & Alternative Energy Sources
Whole-building energy modeling and parametric analysis is used to understand tradeoffs and synergies. In-house software development enables the analysis of challenging interactions such as mass effects, ventilation and double skins. Design and specification of PV and wind.
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    glass   Glazing Specifications & High Performance Facades
With the ability to accurately model and interpret visual and thermal performance, and with links to industry partners, we marry the theoretical to the practical with hard science and comprehensive product knowledge.
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    sustainability   Sustainability Consulting & LEED Certification
Providing a range of services from Life Cycle Analysis to LEED Certification, we also offer seminars, charrettes, and general consulting to help projects balance performance with cost.
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