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A custom solar telescope on the roof tracks the sun and beams daylight through a series of mirrors to light a 240 foot fiber optic sculpture. The luminous sculpture provides a connection to the sky for those deep in the enclosed stairwell. Both sunlight and a connection to changing sky conditions are present as the sculpture continually varies in brightness and color, giving cues about clear or cloudy skies and also the time of day. A real time optical solar image of the sun is projected on the ceiling allowing the viewer the unusual opportunity to look into the sun.


Loisos + Ubbelohde

Dick Treffers

New York City, NY
Installed, 2014



axonbulletAxonometric section through the roof-top Light Cannon showing the system of mirrors used to concentrate and re-direct the sunlight to the interior of the building.


diagrambulletSection through building showing light path.


bulletSection and Light Dagger in Radiance simulation

bulletTruncated Model illustrating the Light Cannon, the solar image and the Light Dagger

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secondarybulletFront view of 24 inch diameter secondary mirror showing reflection of 18 segments for primary mirror.

bulletProjected solar image

rightbulletView of Light Dagger looking up the staircase.

bulletLight Dagger rings for fiber

right2bulletLight Dagger terminus