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New York Times

The Chinatown/North Beach Campus includes a 14 story and a 5 story building which collectively house a library, student services, administrative offices, 40 classrooms, a theatre, and a café. Loisos + Ubbelohde combined advanced daylight analysis with the design and specification of the electric lighting, lighting controls and shading systems for this project. The interior shades for this project are based on the shading protocol developed for the New York Times Building; we have calibrated the protocol for the specific urban geometry of this location. We analyzed the window openings and orientations as well as the placement of exterior shading louvers to maximize usable daylight, mitigate solar heat gain, reduce glare, and redirect light. The project surpasses the power density thresholds set by Title 24 by at least 20%. During peak electrical loads the campus can dim lights in order to receive a demand response credit from PG&E. A neighborhood presence is established through a highly transparent ground level and a LED canopy covering the café, providing illumination at night but containing all uplight to prevent nighttime light pollution.

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Barcelon Jang Architecture

San Francisco, CA

Occupied, 2012

captionAbove: South facade.

Photos by Jeremy Bittermann.