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The client for this 9,000 sf office requested a visually-comfortable, architecturally-integrated, and energy-efficient luminous environment. The architectural design created a "River of Light" with an origin at the entry lobby, a terminus in the Break room, with three distinct work areas and conference spaces along the path. The electric lighting was coordinated with the daylight design as the design team collectively defined the furniture and partition layouts, interior finishes, and window treatments.


Hawley Peterson Snyder

Los Altos, CA

Occupied, 2015





officeOpen Office Area. Minimal lighting scheme with the only visible fixture a single central linear indirect/direct pendant. This pendant has a translucent vertical element which shows daylight dimming increasing as it approaches the window.  Additional hidden cove fixtures assist the central pendant to illuminate the ceiling with a remarkably even 2:1 contrast ratio.


corridor"River of Light". Direct linear pendant fixtures are a sculptural element against the black painted open ceiling. 


conference room
Conference Room. The smallest conference room incorporates a direct-only circular ring pendant fixture below the square lens of a solar tube that delivers daylight in this interior space.




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conf roomBreak room. A tall, well daylit space is the culmination of the "River of Light". For configuration of different scenes and uses, a layering of lights including: "River of Light" minimal linear uplights, concealed uplights illuminating ceiling drum, recessed downlights, undercabinet linears, and sculptural pendant at a seating booth.

Photographs by Bernard André Photography.