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las vegas solar convergence

The construction team of a tall residential tower discovered that the curved facade of the building was focusing the energy of the sun and causing serious thermal issues for occupants and materials. L+U was hired to characterize the extent and intensity of this solar convergence and to work with the team to assess mitigation options. Using a robust, full-spectrum simulation of the phenomena, we identified the locations and times when convergence would be a concern. To ensure accuracy and reliability of our analysis, we monitored the intensity of the solar convergence using research-grade instruments and used the results to calibrate the simulation.

To identify mitigation measures, we analyzed the physical properties of films and shading strategies. We then used the calibrated simulation of the convergence to assess the potential impact of implementing these measures, arriving at a solution that included adding a custom film to the outside surface of the glass. Pool deck umbrellas offer additional shade as needed for comfort. Once the team selected and implemented a solution, we returned to the site to verify that the solution achieved the expected reduction in intensity.

convergence on siteSimulation of solar convergence.

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Instrumentation installed onsite to measure intensity and effects of solar convergence.

convergence on site
convergence on siteConvergence observed onsite.