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ZESC 2013

Zero Energy Summer Camp is a 4-day workshop that will introduce advanced concepts of building energy use and occupant comfort using architectural approaches to design and simulation rather than an engineering framework. Loisos + Ubbelohde, an award-winning firm that specializes in high performance building, will focus the workshop on ways that architectural space and material filter the environment to reduce energy use and increase energy generation. Each of the four days will introduce a topic that builds on the previous one: Light, Heat, Air, and Energy. Participants will design a Zero Net Energy building during the workshop and emerge with the tools to apply ZNE principals to future projects.

The daily schedule will follow a similar format on all days with morning seminars followed by lunch and environmental measurement, and an afternoon design lab.  The seminar will be a slide lecture-style presentation relating fundamental principles to integrated, low-energy, and high performance buildings. During the environmental measurement segment, participants will use measurement devices to discover how metrics relate to experience. The design lab will allow participants to work in teams to re-design a contemporary building and think creatively about increasing performance. Energy modelers will simulate performance and give feedback to the participants as they work. The workshop as a whole will emphasize an integrated approach to low-energy buildings that gives designers aesthetic freedom and the confidence to work collaboratelly with their engineers.

Spots are limited. Registration deadline is June 27, 2013.
To register, email the registration form to: studio@coolshadow.com

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Alameda, CA

cross4-Day Fee: $1800
cross12 AIA CES credits
crossRegistration deadline: 06/27/2013

crossEmail registration form to: