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In the wake of the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster, this four-day workshop in Tokyo introduced advanced concepts of building energy use and occupant comfort through the lens of architectural space and material as a filter for the environment. Loisos + Ubbelohde focused the workshop on a different subject each day: Light, Heat, Air, and Energy.

The seminars related fundamental principles to integrated, low-energy buildings. In the Environmental Measurement segment, participants used measurement devices to discover how metrics relate to experience. During the Design Lab participants worked in teams to re-design a contemporary building and think creatively about increasing performance. Energy modelers from L+U and UC Berkeley simulated performance and gave feedback to the participants as they worked. The workshop as a whole emphasized an integrated approach to low-energy buildings that gives designers aesthetic freedom and the confidence to work collaboratively with their engineers.

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“L+U Workbook: Architecture . Energy . 2011"

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Tokyo, Japan

crossProfessor Dana Buntrock
crossUniversity of California, Berkeley

On-the-fly performance simulation was used to help participants better understand the comfort and energy impacts of their proposals.